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Our mission is to offer you flamenco that is representative, enjoyable, thought-provoking, that grabs you, impels you to fall in love, that drives you to keep exploring…

Discovering flamenco

Flamenco is an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and this clearly influences how we program and view this art form. Always with absolute respect, relying on top artists and professionals, the best human and technical measures, whatever is necessary to offer our tablao’s visitors a top notch experience, representative of the art and filled with quality.
Flamenco is an immense art form, made up of many styles or palos and at Café Ziryab we attempt to demonstrate this grandeur on our stage. We do so by ensuring that the largest number of styles possible may be heard, performed by professional artists who master the art form. This allows our audiences to experience these different styles, enjoying the most representative flamenco show possible.
Our commitment to the art of flamenco extends to our commitment to its artists. Therefore, we rely on both young and upcoming professionals as well as more experienced artists who were major figures in the not so distant past and who may now have some difficulty in finding spots in the more typical flamenco programming. So, in Café Ziryab you will find young promises with strong values as well as top flamenco artists with extensive trajectories.
Our vision is for flamenco lovers to have a place filled to learn and enjoy, as well as a place where more and more people get to know this art form.
We seek to offer you flamenco that you will fall in love with...

Fotos del local Café Ziryab

Our venue

El Tablao Flamenco Café Ziryab is a modern venue in Madrid, simple and attractive, with a slightly themed decoration and in which everything is designed to focus your attention on what really matters, the show.
Our venue contains 80 seats with tables and chairs of distinct heights so that the stage may be viewed perfectly from all angles.
Our stage is 16 square meters and its height is ideal to comfortably enjoy all the details of the show. We have a magnificent sound and lighting system to create an ambience and atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying flamenco.
So, we have created a venue with the best possible conditions to enjoy flamenco.
We are located in the Paseo de la Esperanza 17 in Madrid, close to the Acacias metro station. A parking lot is situated next to the venue and there is also a large area of street parking in the area. Come and get to know us.

The menu

At Café Ziryab, we place our emphasis on what truly is important to us: flamenco. And so, to ensure that our clients can give their full attention to the artistry on stage, our gastronomical proposal has been designed to offer only those products that will successfully match with the shows.
Therefore, we offer a wide range of cold tapas, such as assortments of Iberian ham products and similar. In short, it is a select gastronomical offering so that our clients may fully enjoy the show while also partaking in some delicious appetizers.
In addition, we make every effort to offer you a select offering of fine wines, which will satisfy the most expert of palates and that are served to display the exquisite wine making culture existing in Spain, which is so closely linked with flamenco and specifically, with certain styles.
Why not pamper your palate while enjoying flamenco?

Tapas del Café Ziryab
Magníficas tapas en Café Ziryab

Who was Ziryab?

Abu l-Hasan Ali ibn Nafi, better known as Ziryab (زرياب, «Mirlo») due to his dark complexion and beautiful voice, was a poet, gourmet, musician and singer. He became well-known for the refined oriental customs that he introduced in the Cordoba courts.
A disciple of the great musician Ishaq al-Mawsili (767-850), he spent his childhood in Baghdad, but didn’t gain fame until moving to Cordoba, where he arrived after a long voyage. In Cordoba, Ziryab became very well known and was considered to serve as an expert on the elegance of the Arab rulers.
With Ziryab, Hispania welcomed Greco-Persian melodies that would become the basis of a large part of the subsequent musical traditions of at least a part of the Iberian Peninsula. A fifth cord was added to the lute, the first Islamic conservatory was founded Arabic songs known as "nubas".
Thanks to Ziryab, Cordoba’s high society learned some of the most exquisite novelties of the Orient: to style their hair with bangs, to cook cuisine from Baghdad (some of these recipes are still used today, referred to as el ziriabí), to eat asparagus and use glass glasses (instead of gold and silver ones), as well as fine leather tablecloths.
Our aim is to reconstruct the spirit of this great individual, innovative and a trailblazer in many disciplines, and to translate it to Café Ziryab, a place where music, gastronomy and pedagogy coexist, in addition to other cultural disciplines.

But all that we tell you cannot compare to real life. Would you like to experience flamenco?

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